Servo Type Robotic Compact Makeup Cosmetic Powder Press Machine

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Model:  JGP-050SE

Servo Type Robotic Compact Makeup Cosmetic Powder Press Machine is a high configuration designed press machine adopts servo control.

Robot Loading the pans along with visual detecting ensure the machine to be fully automatic.





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Servo Type Robotic Compact Makeup Cosmetic Powder Press Machine

Power Supply AC 380V, 3 phase, 50/60HZ, 5.5KW
Target Products Face powder, Eyeshadow, Blusher etc.
Pressure Servo control, adjustable
Working Circle 1-4pcs/time
Robot brand ABB
PLC Mistubishi
Touch Screen Weinview
Servo Motor Mistubishi/Delta
Stirring Motor JSCC
Sensor Omron
Main Electric Elements Schnedier

ico  Features

When the powder is supplied by the horizontally-structured powder supply device, the powder can be supplied quantitatively and evenly distributed. The powder pressing method driven by the servo motor can input the accurate pressure value and time on the touch screen, and can carry out multi-stage control. Equipment that can produce high-quality products.

1. Modular design, consisting of robot feeding module, automatic powder filling module (optional filling module for wet powder), host powder pressing module and powder collecting module, and powder grouping module can be customized

2. Flexible design, the equipment integrates genetic algorithm, which can quickly adjust the pressure so that the powder cake can be formed in the best curve.

3. This equipment adopts double servo gripper design, which can better adapt to the tolerance problem of domestic aluminum plate

ico  Application

This is a powder pressing equipment that produces high-quality products by means of automatic robot loading of aluminum plates and servo powder pressing.


ico  Why choose us?

Fully automatic robotic arm cosmetic powder pressing machine, including servo motor and robotic arm. More intelligent and more stable, it is the latest generation of cosmetic powder press machine in 2022


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