Automatic Lip Balm Filling Cooling Machine Production Line

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Model:  JFH-4

GIENICOS successfully installed this filling cooling machine in USA for lipbalm and sunstick production. It consists of 4nozzle filler, 5P cooling tunnel with wide flexible conveyor inside. It has two function: one for auto lipbalm production, one for  aluminum pan and godet direct filling production.

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微信图片_20221109171143  TECHNICAL PARAMETER

Outer dimension 12000X1700X1890mm (LxWxH)
Voltage of 4nozzle filler AC220V,1P,50/60HZ
Voltage of cooling tunnel AC380V(220V),3P,50/60HZ
Power 17KW
Filling Volume 2-20ml
Filling Preicison 0.1G
Cooling Capacity 5P
Air supply 0.6-0.8Mpa,≥800L/min
Output Max 40pcs/min.( raw materials&mold quantity)
Weight 1200kg
Operator 2 persons

微信图片_20221109171143  Features

  • ◆ Auto load tubes, precise filling,natural cooling,reheating, circulation cooling reheating, capping and labeling .

    ◆ Temperature and stirring speed adjustable. Two Temp.control for both bulk and oil.

    ◆ 20L dual layer heating tank.
    ◆ Fill 4 pcs simultaneously with 4 nozzles.
    ◆ Piston filling system is driven by Servo motor with numerical control. Rotary valve is driven by air cylinder.
    ◆ Stirring device is driven by motor.
    ◆ Simple and precise operation by using colorful touch screen interface with numerical control in all aspects.
    ◆ Filling precision is ±0.1.

微信图片_20221109171143  Application

JHF-4 is specially designed for the lip balm and sunstick products. The machine has function of auto filling, cooling, re-melting, second cooling, second re-melting, auto cap loading, auto capping, auto finished product and container base separating (Reuse the container base)


微信图片_20221109171143  Why choose us?

The piston filling system is driven by servo motor, which realizes closed-loop control of position, speed and torque; overcomes the problem of stepper motor out-of-step.

The touch all-in-one machine not only provides information for the user in terms of software, but also provides convenience for the user due to the flexible and adjustable angle of the machine itself.

The touch all-in-one machine with good stability will be equipped with a wildcard data interface to facilitate data entry and retrieval. There is also manual input to be matched with it. Whether it is characters or pictures, the touch all-in-one machine makes efforts for human-computer interaction and data exchange to the greatest extent. It is convenient for buyers to communicate with GIENICOS technology. When the machine fails due to operating errors and other reasons, we can know it at the first time.


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