5HP Semi-Auto Cosmetic Compact Eyeshadow Foundation Powder Press Machine

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Model:  JBC-4

Model JBC-4 is the 4th generation Bottom Up Powder Press Machine from GIENICOS, it is the most economic machine to produce powder cake, eyeshadow, blusher and other company powder products etc.





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5HP Semi-Auto Cosmetic Compact Eyeshadow Foundation Powder Press Machine

Product name Professional cosmetic powder compact machine
Outer dimension 1800*1600*2010mm
Voltage AC380V,3P,50/60HZ
Power 4.5KW
Working pressure 6-7MPA
Output 2-3molds/min
Pans available on each mold 6pcs(acc. To size aluminum pans)
Max.output pressure of oil hydraulic 15TONS
Weight 900KG
Operator 1-2 persons
Motor 5HP

ico  Features

One set press mold includes top, middle, and bottom which are installed inside the machine to reduce the wear loss;
Pressing from bottom to top, oil pressure is adjustable to achieve good performance for the powder compacting.
Extended safety sensor(Taiwan FOTEK) for protecting the operator.
Adopting servo motor to control the filling volume, use PLC system, easy to operate.
Fully hydraulic driven system ensures perfectly stable running.
With hopper for storage aluminum pan, save manual operation time.
Easy for color changing and cleaning. No need to remove the hopper, can achieve rapid production change.
Powder feeding optional: automatic or manual.
The number of times of the powder feeding, powder pressing, cloth rolling, etc. can be adjusted on the touch screen.
Add silicone seal in powder pusher, more clean tidy and can save powder.
Add a powder storage tank, more easy to collect remaining powder, convenient quick and clean.

ico  Application

It is suitable for compacting cosmetic powders, such as face powder, powder cake, blusher and eyeshadow. Suitable for the production and packaging of cosmetic dry powders.


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