100L Makeup Powder Mixing Machine Equipment For Eyeshadow

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Model:  JY-CR100


Product name 100L Powder Mixer Machine
Target Product Powder Cake, Eyeshadow, Blusher, etc
Capacity 10~25kgs
Tank Material SUS316L/SUS304
Oil Spraying Pressure Type
Powder Discharge Automatic
Tank Lid On/off Automatic
Control System Mitsubishi PLC, Siemens Motor



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    100L Makeup Powder Mixing Machine Equipment For Eyeshadow

    Model JY-CR200 JY-CR100 JY-CR50 JY-CR30
    Volume 200L 100L 50L 30L
    Capacity 20~50KG 10~25KG 10kg 5KGS
    Main Motor 37KW,0-2840 rpm 18.5KW0-2840 rpm 7.5 KW,0-2840rpm 4KW,0-2840rpm
    Side Motor 2.2kW*30-2840rpm 2.2kW*30-2840rpm 2.2kW*1,0-2840rpm 2.2kW*1,2840rpm
    Weight 1500kg 1200kg 350kg 250kg
    Dimension 2400x2200x1980mm 1900x1400x1600mm 1500x900x1500mm 980x800x1150mm
    Number of stirrers Three shafts Three shafts One shafts One shaft

    ico  Features

    Three side stirrer plus the bottom stirrer results high quality mixed powder. Speed is adjustable, mixing time can be set on screen.
    The Tank with double layer jacket and cooled by circulation water (tapping water is allowed).
    The Tank lid has safety sensor, when it is open, stirrers are not working.
    Newly pressure type oil spraying device ensures fully sprayed without leaving in the tank.
    After mixing, the powder could be discharged automatically.

    ico  Application

    The machine mixes the material quickly and equably under effective of homogenizing and stirring. Ideal for all powder makeup. Including eye shadow, foundation, blush and more. It is suitable for both brand factories and foundry factories.

    They are the good match for cosmetic pulverizer, power sifter, compact powder press machine, powder case gluing machine, loose powder filling machine.


    ico  Why choose us?

    Our powder mixing machine rely on the self-grinding and pulverization of the interaction between the powders, the products are not easily contaminated by other substances, and high-purity ultra-fine powders can be obtained.


    It fundamentally changes the molecular structure of cosmetic powder, making the texture of powder cosmetics more delicate. It is a necessary cosmetic powder machine for eye shadow, rouge, face powder manufacturers and foundries.



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