Cosmetic Chemical Detergent Medicine Powder High Speed Pulverizer

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Model:  JMP


Product name JMP Powder Pulverizer
Target Product Face Powder, Basement Powder, Blusher, etc
Powder Feed Screw feeding, speed is adjustable
Pulverizing Mode Hamming Mode, 8pcs hammers
Hammer’s Running Speed 7200RPM
Sieve Size 1.0mm/1.5mm/2.0mm, changeable
Table Height 800mm
Voltage AC380V,3P,50/60HZ





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Cosmetic Chemical Detergent Medicine Powder High Speed Foundation

Motor Power 7.5KW,7200rpm
Capacity 20-50KG/Hour
Material inlet Screw feeding(speed is adjustable)
Hammers QTY 8pcs
Sieve size 1.0/1.5/2.0mm
Weight 400kgs

ico  Features

It adopts rotary multi-hammer to hammer the powder material, which makes powder is sheared off, scraped, scattered and pass through the mesh in high speed to achieve the requested fineness
The structure is simple and precision, small footprint and easy to clean.
Due to the huge heat caused during pulverizing, the machine has water cooling device to prevent some of material from thermal anaphylaxis. It will release heat out of machine body by water-circulation and keep temperature at a suitable degree inside.
Comparing with general pulverizer, it adopts screw feeder to put raw material into the rotating crusher. Under high-speed revolution, special crush mechanism can get better homogeneity and emulsification after spraying the oil. It can avoid oil spot at the surface of powder cake and make sure its softness.
In 2022, we updated this machine with easy cleaning function. Contact us for more details.

ico  Application

This machine solves the problem of crushing and producing dry brittle powder in cosmetic industry, chemical industry and pharmaceutical industry. It is widely used for producing high quality powder cake, blusher etc.

From the perspective of cleanliness, production efficiency, automation, etc., the actual production in the factory has been improved.

It truly achieves the refinement of powder crushing. High praise from customers and strong after-sale satisfaction.


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