Explosion Type Automatic Nail Polish Serum Filling Capping Production Line

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Model:  JQR-01N(NEW)

This production line can automatic filling capping nail polish ,serum,essential oil and other similar structure small bottle cosmetic products.

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    Filling Method Vacuum type
    Filling Process Bottle feed-auto filling-brush feed-cap feed-auto capping-convey out for packing
    Filling Volume 5-30ml
    Filling precision ±1%
    Voltage AC220V,1P,50/60HZ
    Power 2kw

    nail polishApplication

    This production line can automaticly filling capping nail polish,essential oil, perfume massage oil, edible oil and other products with the similar package structure.

    Explosion Type

    nail polishFeatures

    1 . It is monoblock type machine, with explosion proof system.
    2 .Vacuum filling ensures the liquid level is always the same for all glass bottles.
    3 . Capping system adopts servo motor to drive, better performance for capping efficiency.
    4.The design of the adjustable fixture allows the production line to be used for Nail Polish, Essential Oil, Perfume and other cosmetics and skin care products.

    nail polishWhy choose this machine?

    This machine adopts mechanical cem system which is stable running under a coder.
    It can make workers' work convenient, safe and reduce physical labor.
    By adjusting each process in a simple and easy-to-operate manner, the production line can be used to produce various cosmetics that are not used, reducing the cost of machinery and labor for cosmetics and skin care products foundries.
    This production line is full automatic from bottle infeed to bottle conveyor out. One production line can replace three workers.
    The production line can be changed according to the actual needs of the factory, and the degree of customization is high.
    GIENICOS adopts a 5G modular remote after-sales system to help customers monitor the operation of the production line and solve after-sales problems immediately.


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