How to produce liquid lipstick and how to choose the right equipment?

Liquid lipstick is a popular cosmetic product, which has the characteristics of high color saturation, long-lasting effect, and moisturizing effect. The production process of liquid lipstick mainly includes the following steps:

- Formula design: According to the market demand and product positioning, select suitable raw materials such as color powder, oil, beeswax, pearlescent agent, fragrance, preservative, etc., and design a formula that meets the quality standards and safety regulations.- Raw material pretreatment: Dry, sieve, and sterilize the color powder to ensure its dryness, fineness, and sterility; heat, stir, and filter the oil to ensure its uniformity, cleanliness, and impurity-free.- Color paste preparation: Mix the color powder and part of the oil in proportion, and grind them at high speed with equipment such as a three-roll mill or a colloid mill to make the color powder fully dispersed in the oil and form a uniform and delicate color paste.- Liquid lipstick preparation: Mix the color paste and the remaining oil, beeswax, pearlescent agent and other raw materials in proportion, heat to 80-90°C, stir evenly, then add fragrance, preservative and other additives, adjust the pH value and viscosity, and obtain liquid lipstick.- Filling and molding: Fill the liquid lipstick into pre-sterilized lipstick tubes, cool and solidify, then perform subsequent processes such as packaging, labeling, inspection, etc., and finally form finished products.


The main equipment for producing liquid lipstick are as follows:

- Three-roll mill or colloid mill: Used to grind the color powder and oil at high speed to make them fully dispersed and emulsified, improving the color saturation and stability of the color paste.- Stirring machine: Used to mix the color paste and other raw materials by heating and stirring, making them evenly mixed and adjusting the properties and texture of the liquid lipstick.- Filling machine: Used to fill the liquid lipstick into lipstick tubes, controlling the filling amount and speed, ensuring the consistency and efficiency of the product.- Cooling machine: Used to cool and solidify the filled lipstick tubes, making the liquid lipstick solidify and shape, improving the quality and appearance of the product.- Packaging machine: Used to package, label, seal and other processes for the shaped lipstick tubes, ensuring the integrity and aesthetics of the product.


To choose suitable liquid lipstick production equipment, you need to consider the following aspects:

- Product demand: According to the product specifications, quality, quantity and other requirements, choose suitable equipment models, scales, performance parameters.- Equipment brand: Choose equipment brands with good reputation and after-sales service to ensure equipment quality and reliability.- Equipment price: According to budget and cost control, choose reasonable equipment prices. Consider equipment investment recovery period and profit margin.- Equipment maintenance: Choose easy-to-operate and maintain equipment. Reduce equipment failures and downtime. Improve equipment efficiency and service life.

Post time: Oct-31-2023