The difference between different types of bulk powder filling machine, how to choose bulk powder filling machine?

A bulk powder filling machine is a machine used to fill loose powder, powder or granular materials into different types of containers. Bulk powder filling machines come in a variety of models and sizes that can be selected for different needs and applications. Generally speaking, bulk powder filling machines can be categorized as follows:


Semi-Automatic Bulk Powder Filling Machine: this type of filling machine requires the operator to manually control the start and stop of the filling process, and is suitable for the production of small batch and multi-variety filling. Semi-automatic bulk powder filling machine usually adopts the way of screw packing, through the adjustment of the speed and stroke of the screw to control the filling volume. The advantages of semi-automatic bulk powder filling machine are low price, simple operation, strong adaptability, the disadvantage is lower efficiency, precision affected by human factors.


Fully automatic bulk powder filling machine: this filling machine can realize unmanned automated production, suitable for high-volume, high-efficiency filling production. Fully automatic bulk powder filling machine usually adopts weighing or volumetric method, through the sensor or meter to control the filling quantity. The advantages of fully automatic bulk powder filling machine are high efficiency, high precision, good stability, the disadvantage is the higher price, maintenance is complicated, the nature of the material requires higher.


Specialized bulk powder filling machine: this filling machine is designed for a specific material or container, with professionalism and relevance. Specialized bulk powder filling machine usually adopts special structure or function to adapt to the characteristics of materials or containers. The advantages of specialized bulk powder filling machine are that it can meet special needs, improve product quality and reduce cost, but the disadvantages are poor generality and high investment risk. For example, cosmetic loose powder filling line is a special loose powder filling machine for cosmetic eye shadow and other products.


When choosing a bulk powder filling machine, you need to consider the following aspects:


The nature and characteristics of your filling materials, such as density, fluidity, humidity, particle size, viscosity, easy to oxidize, easy to hygroscopicity and so on. Different materials have different requirements on the structure and function of the filling machine. For example, for materials that are easy to oxidize or hygroscopic, you may need to choose a vacuum filling machine or nitrogen filling machine to ensure the quality and shelf life of the materials.


The type and size of your filling containers, e.g. bottles, jars, bags, boxes, etc. Different containers have different requirements on the adaptability and flexibility of the filling machine, for example, for irregularly shaped containers, you may need to choose a filling head with adjustable height and angle to ensure the accuracy and uniformity of filling.


Your fill volume and fill speed, i.e. how many containers you need to fill per day and how much material you need to fill in each container. Different filling volumes and speeds require different levels of efficiency and accuracy. For example, for high volume, high speed filling production, you may need to choose a fully automated bulk powder filling machine to increase productivity and reduce labor costs.


Your budget and return on investment, i.e. how much you are willing to spend on a bulk powder filling machine and how long you expect to recoup your investment. The price and performance of different bulk powder filling machines vary greatly. For example, fully automatic bulk powder filling machines are usually more expensive than semi-automatic bulk powder filling machines, but they also save more time and labor. You need to consider various factors according to your actual situation and needs, and choose the most suitable bulk powder filling machine for you.

Post time: Oct-31-2023